Terms of Acceptable Use

Escrito por peymi

El Oct 20, 2021
Prohibited Activities and Content

The following are examples of activities and content that are strictly prohibited on Peymi products and services:


Illegal Activity: You are not permitted to use Peymi’s services to transmit any material that violates any national, federal, state, or local regulations. This includes child pornography, as well as any copyrighted information for which the customer does not own the copyright or an appropriate license. In addition, you may not use Peymi’s services to conspire to commit or support the commission of illegal activities.
Hacking: You are not allowed to use Peymi’s services to discuss hacking activities or to distribute hacking tools. In addition, access to any system, service or network is not allowed without the consent of the owner.
Service interruptions: Any activity that causes service interruptions to the Peymi network/servers or to any external network is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the execution of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks or other maliciously configured software.

Anonymous Proxies: Anonymous proxies are not allowed on the Peymi network and servers due to their ease of abuse and their negative impact on the network and servers.

Sending spam: The sending of unsolicited email or Usenet messages (spam) or the forwarding of unsolicited email or Usenet messages using the Peymi services is not permitted. In addition, you are not allowed to have on your site content that advocates, sells, or otherwise makes available to you ways or methods to send unsolicited email or Usenet messages. Peymi will take any complaint about a violation of this policy very seriously and will result in immediate account termination without a refund.

Collection of personal information: The collection or use of email addresses, usernames or other personal identifiers is not permitted without the consent of the identified person.
Blacklisting: If IP numbers assigned to Peymi’s account appear in an abuse database or blacklist such as Spamhaus, this policy will be violated and Peymi may take reasonable steps to protect your IP numbers, including suspension and/or or termination of service, regardless of whether IP numbers were listed as a result of your actions.

Investment sites: The creation of websites dedicated to investing in FOREX, egold exchange or other similar sites is not allowed.

Impersonation/Impersonalization: The use of Peymi’s services to impersonate another person or entity, whether through email, Internet forums or any other means, is not permitted. This includes forging email headers or network packets, with or without malicious intent.

Backup Policies.

Automatic Backup: We have a backup service which is performed automatically every hour, daily and monthly, but it is important to take into account that it is not guaranteed that they will work correctly.

We store the backups in different locations: To increase the security of the backups, Peymi stores them on different servers in different locations.

Carry out manual backups on a regular basis: Since the user has the possibility of making manual backups, it is important that they are carried out on a regular basis. It is recommended that manual backups are made whenever major changes are made to the website in addition to downloading them to an external drive.