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El Oct 20, 2021
Last modified 4-26-23.

Welcome to the web platform of Peymi & MARKETINADOS of ESTEBAN FRANCOU (20-36703328-3) and VERONICA FRANCOU (27-26964893-2), hereinafter “the company”. By accessing and using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of use set forth below:


The term “Subscriber” refers to the person who purchases any of the services we offer. By using our services, it is understood that the Subscriber has fully accepted the following conditions:



Those who hire Peymi’s services must use them legally. Use of the Services in violation of any local, national or international law is strictly prohibited. Users must not share or transmit information that is illegal, abusive, defamatory, racist or offensive, whether in the form of text, images, banner ads or links to external pages. It is also prohibited to publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute or exploit information or software that contains viruses or other harmful components, as well as infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. Peymi.com.ar will consider inappropriate any material or resource related to hacking or cracking. Peymi.com.ar reserves the right to suspend contracted services without prior notice if the system is used for illegal purposes. If it is detected that a service or domain is being used for illegal purposes, Peymi.com.ar must be informed.


2_Denial or termination of service

We reserve the right to deny, suspend or cancel the services contracted by the Subscriber with or without prior notice, if any conduct or activity is incurred that Peymi.com.ar considers an abuse or violation of the established terms, rules and conditions. In case of cancellation, Peymi.com.ar is not responsible for the consequences that may result.


In the event that the technical area of Peymi.com.ar determines that an account is affecting the proper functioning of other users, the service can be canceled and each case of suspension will be evaluated and, if applicable, the cancellation will be given. client administration.


The Subscriber must accept that Peymi.com.ar reserves the right to eliminate, suspend or permanently cancel any contracted service, information or content of the subscriber’s hosting if necessary for operational or commercial reasons. No notification is required beyond the stated terms and conditions.


In addition, Peymi.com.ar may request additional information to validate the client’s account and use third-party anti-fraud services to qualify the client’s behavior. Peymi.com.ar also reserves the right to withhold the client’s payment for 30 business days for those clients who can be classified as unreliable or who have not validated their account through a valid identification by Peymi.com.ar.


3_ Programs and scripts

In the case of hosting accounts that have execution permissions, the subscriber has the ability to install and use scripts that he deems necessary. However, Peymi.com.ar reserves the right to disable any script or software installed by the subscriber if it affects the proper functioning of the servers and harms other clients who have sites hosted on the same server. In addition, any software or application installed by the user on the Peymi.com.ar servers, whether on shared or dedicated servers, must have the corresponding use license that demonstrates the user’s rights. If the entity that owns the installed software requests verification of the license, the service will be suspended until the user presents the necessary permissions for said installation.


4 – File distribution

Websites whose main purpose is the storage and distribution of files, such as photo galleries, music, programs, videos and compressed files, will be evaluated on an individual basis. However, Peymi.com.ar reserves the right to cancel, suspend or eliminate said accounts. A website will be considered within this category when more than 5% of its content is for file distribution. In case of repeat offending, a fine will be imposed so that the website can be reactivated.


5_ Traffic consumed (Bandwidth)

Each hosting plan for reseller, VPS and dedicated servers includes a fixed amount of monthly traffic. If you exceed that limit, you will be notified at the email address you provided as the primary contact when you created your account. It is important to note that the constraint cannot be removed. If your website exceeds the limit on a regular basis, it is possible to request an upgrade to your plan to get a higher transfer rate and avoid web service interruption. In the case of plans that do not have a specific limit of an

bandwidth or transfer, they could be suspended if your account clutters the server and affects other clients.


6- Hosting Contract

There is no implicit guarantee or obligation that is not explicitly listed in this document, regarding the relationship between the subscriber and peymi.net. Once the plan has been requested and the purchase order data confirmation e-mail has been sent, you will have 30 days to make the corresponding payment. After making the payment for the service, it must be reported from the customer area WHOSE ACCESS IS ON THE MAIN PAGE OF THE SITE in order to activate or renew a service. The entry of payment data does not guarantee that your payment can be verified, the client will be able to view the status of his payment, after the estimated delay period that has been detailed, has elapsed, from THE CUSTOMER AREA. Once your payment is verified, you will be informed by email at your contact email. In the event that your payment cannot be verified by our Administrative Department, this payment report will be deleted, a notice will be sent by email and you must report it again, attaching a scan of your payment receipt.


Termination of the service:

To cancel a service, the client must request and confirm it from the client panel at peymi.net. If it does not do so and the service continues active, peymi.net reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to charge for the service.


7 – Confidentiality

Peymi.com.ar will maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided by the subscriber for the collection of the service, as described in the Data Protection Law.


8 – Loss of data

Peymi.com.ar is not responsible for the loss of data on the server for any reason. It is the client’s responsibility to maintain a backup copy of their website. In addition, the client is responsible for keeping the emails received in the webmail system in a safe place. Peymi.com.ar makes backups but does not ensure their correct operation, so it is important that the subscriber take measures to ensure the protection of their information.


9 – Delays in the transfer of domains

Peymi.com.ar is not responsible for delays in the transfer of domains and in the updating of the DNS caused by third parties or by the client himself when acquiring our services.


10 – Payments and Maturities

In the event that the client does not make the payment and reports it through the client area, Peymi.com.ar reserves the right to temporarily suspend the website. To reactivate the service, the client must pay the corresponding renewal cost and the service will be reactivated once the payment is verified. If the payment is not made within 20 days after the expiration date, the website will be permanently canceled and all the information hosted on the server by the client will be deleted, the client losing all rights to claim for said deleted information. Payment for the service is made in advance, either annually, quarterly or monthly, as indicated in the plan detail. In the event that a communication from the client is required to inform and verify the payment in the means of payment, Peymi.com.ar reserves the right to temporarily suspend or cancel the client’s account until said payment is reported and a notice is issued. acknowledgment of receipt thereof.



1 – In the event that the hosting plan includes the domain, when the domain expires, the domain and hosting are automatically suspended, changing their status to expired. The owner will have 10 days to pay the renewal price set by Peymi.com.ar. If after those 10 days the payment is not made, an additional fee must be paid for the domain (except for LOCAL DOMAINS, whose renewal depends on the regulations of each country and for which Peymi.com.ar is not responsible), plus the renewal price of web hosting, to reactivate the domain and hosting. Peymi.com.ar does not guarantee that the domain can be renewed, even if the payment has been made. If the domain cannot be renewed, Peymi.com.ar will not reimburse the subscriber for the amount paid for the domain renewal.


2 – In the case of plans exclusively for the registration of international domains, when the domain expires, it is automatically suspended and its status changes to expired. The owner will have 10 days to pay the renewal price set by Peymi.com.ar. If after those 10 days the payment is not made, an additional fee must be paid, plus the renewal price, to reactivate the domain. Peymi.com.ar does not guarantee that the domain can be renewed, even if the payment has been made. If the domain cannot be renewed, Peymi.com.ar will not reimburse the subscriber for the amount paid

for domain renewal.


11 – Imputation of current account payments

The client’s current account at peymi.net is managed with the sum of debits and credits modality. This means that each payment that the customer makes will be assigned first to the oldest and most expired renewal of a service that is active or administratively suspended. If there are no renewals due, the payment will be applied to pending purchases or used as a credit balance for future purchases or renewals.


12 -Peymi.com.ar reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics and prices of its plans and/or services offered. Any notification that affects the technical characteristics of the services offered will be made directly through our web pages on the Internet. By using Peymi’s services, you automatically accept the modifications and/or updates of this document.


13 -With the increase in the popularity of the Internet, the sending of junk mail or SPAM has also increased, which has generated great annoyance among users. At Peymi.com.ar, we take the fight against SPAM very seriously. As a customer, you agree not to send unsolicited advertising via email or any other means on the Internet, either to promote our services or any other service.

If you do not comply with this commitment, we will immediately suspend your services without prior notice and all costs generated will be charged to your account. If we detect that you have sent SPAM mail, your account will be suspended and you will have to pay a fine to reactivate it. If you persist in sending SPAM mail, we will delete your account from our servers and you will have to be responsible for the costs and damages caused to other users of the same server.

When we suspend a service for SPAM, we place a suspension screen on the corresponding site, which will be removed when the payment of the fine is verified.


14 – Mass mailing

It is reported that the massive sending of emails is not allowed, since it can affect the operation of the server used to send them. If the subscriber wishes to send information to a group of users interested in his company or service, he must contact the technical area of peymi.net to receive the necessary instructions and avoid any type of conflict. If a massive shipment is made without prior authorization, the account will be immediately suspended by the technical department. The account will only be restored after the subscriber contacts the technical department to clarify the situation and peymi.net determines that there is no risk of banning the IP address of the mail server or server saturation.


15 – Anti-Phishing Policy

In the event that phishing practices are detected from a website hosted by Peymi.com.ar, we are obliged to suspend and/or cancel the corresponding service. Phishing is a type of fraud that is carried out through deception in order to obtain personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers, for use in scams or identity theft. This type of fraud is usually received by email or pop-ups. At peymi.net we support the efforts of international organizations in the fight against phishing on the Internet. If you think you have been a victim of phishing, we recommend that you take the necessary steps to protect your data and avoid future scams.


If you have been a victim of fraud, it is important that you immediately report it to the appropriate authorities. To do so, you can provide details about the scammer, including any messages you’ve received, to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, which works with law enforcement around the world to quickly shut down fraudulent websites and find fraudsters. responsible for these crimes. To report fraud, visit the website https://www.ic3.gov and file your report there. Remember that it is essential to take immediate action to protect your interests and prevent other people from falling into the same trap.

It is important that customers of our web hosting services ensure that their web space is not used for illegal or malicious activities. If we discover that a customer has intentionally used your site for such purposes, we will be forced to permanently and irreversibly suspend their account.


In the event that vulnerabilities in applications installed on the client’s web space have been used for the purpose of carrying out illegal or malicious activities, the client must undertake to correct said vulnerabilities and remove malicious files from their website.


If the client repeats these activities, they will be required to pay a fine in order for their website to

be reactivated, repledging to fix vulnerabilities and remove malicious files from your site. If after this, the client uses his account again for illegal or malicious activities, the final and irreversible cancellation of the account will be carried out.


16 – Money Back (Right to reimbursement)

The right to request a refund of the money delivered to Peymi.com.ar as payment for the services provided, will only be valid when the service corresponds only to one of the following plans:

premium / eco hosting.

In addition, for said refund request to be considered, the following requirements must be met:

The request must be received by Peymi.com.ar before the first 30 days of the original service have expired. In the case of modifications in the plan, the date of purchase of the first service will be taken.
The plan for which the MoneyBack is requested must be ACTIVE. For the MoneyBack option to be verified, you must NOT request the cancellation of the service before or during the refund request.
The request will only be valid if the service was not provided or if the downtime was greater than 90% annually measured with siteuptime.com. A ‘restocking fee’ of 15% is established for administrative expenses that will not be reimbursed.
Peymi.com.ar does not make refunds in cases of hosting accounts suspended for violation of copyright (copyright)


Once the refund request has been received and the previously stated requirements have been fulfilled, Peymi.com.ar will evaluate the request and, if applicable, the amount will be refunded through the agreed means. The amount of the reimbursement will not include amounts of expenses for commissions that are applied in some forms of payment. Refunds may take up to 90 business days. SSL, licenses, domain registrations, renewals and transfers will not be refunded under any circumstances. Refunds may only be requested within the 30 days following the initial contracting of the service, after said period, the user accepts that there will be no possibility of refund.

Peymi may consider exceptions and make full refunds at any time.

Likewise, if clients request a chargeback / ignorance of charge to their bank, credit card or financial institution, unaware of the payment of any Peymi service, a fine will be imposed and the client’s data will be automatically sent (in a encrypted and encrypted) to a fraud database run by MaxMind to alert other web hosting companies to fraudulent behavior. This sending of information will be canceled if the customer cancels their claim and requests a refund from Peymi (if needed).


17 – Domain registration

When registering a domain through Peymi.com.ar, it is important to take into account that said registration is subject to the availability of the domain at the time of registration with the corresponding entity. The processing of the domain will only begin once the accreditation of the corresponding payment has been verified.


It is important to bear in mind that once a domain has been processed, its characters cannot be modified and the amount paid for the domain registration is not refunded.


When carrying out any procedure related to a domain in Peymi.com.ar, the client accepts the terms and conditions established by the international entity ICANN. To verify the availability of the domain at the time of completing the purchase order, Peymi.com.ar uses the whois server of the corresponding TLD operator.


It is important to take into account that Peymi.com.ar is not responsible for the information contained in the WHOIS database of the TLD operator, since this is provided without any guarantee or guarantees regarding its accuracy. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the chosen domain is available and meets their needs before registering it.


In the event that the domain entered by the client in the purchase order is busy or invalid, Peymi.com.ar.com will provide the option of sending an alternative domain name that maintains the same extension that was selected in the buys. This detection and notification of domain occupied or invalid is done once the payment has been verified and the registration process has started. The notification will be sent by email with instructions for submitting the alternate domain name.


It is possible that Peymi.com.ar suspends a domain for technical or administrative reasons, but the client will have the option of contacting the Payment area from their client area to find a solution.


When the domain reaches its expiration date, the owner will have a period of

10 days to pay the renewal price established by Peymi.com.ar. If this term is exceeded, an additional fee must be paid in addition to the renewal price to reactivate the functioning of the domain. If 15 days pass from the expiration date of the domain, it will be deleted.


18 – Domain renewal

To renew a domain initially registered with Peymi.com.ar, the corresponding payment must be made before the expiration date. However, renewal is not guaranteed and is subject to domain availability at the time of renewal and proof of payment. Peymi.com.ar is not responsible if the domain cannot be renewed.


In the case of domains with .com, .net and .org extensions, payment and renewal must be made 60 days before the expiration date to avoid entering the redemption period. For their part, domains with .com, .net and .org extensions must be paid for and renewed 90 days before the expiration date to avoid entering the redemption period.


In the event that the domain cannot be renewed, it can be transferred to Peymi.com.ar if the change is made at least 30 days before the expiration date


19 – Transfer of domains

Domain transfer is a service offered as a courtesy to Peymi.com.ar customers. However, the successful completion of the transfer process depends exclusively on the entity where the domain is initially registered releasing it on time and that the emails sent to the email address of the administrative contact of the domain in the entity are answered correctly. initial registration.


Peymi.com.ar is not responsible for the correct completion of the transfer process and does not refund the money paid, since the payment is made at the beginning of the process. The transfer process will begin only after the proof of payment has been verified.


It is the responsibility of the client who pays for the transfer process to verify that the domain is in Active or OK status in the initial registration entity and enter the Transfer Code from their client area. If the transferred domain is more than 45 days old from the date of creation or renewal in another entity, one renewal year will be added to the transferred domain.


20-Peymi.com.ar establishes a limit of 200 emails per hour for each domain and hosting account created in its individual and reseller plans. If this limit is exceeded, outgoing mail will be blocked from being sent and will remain suspended until the end of the hour since the suspension began.

If any vulnerability is detected in a web form to send emails, the user can request the temporary suspension of their account at no additional cost until the problem is resolved in coordination with the technical team. On the other hand, using the email account exclusively to send spam or spam will result in the suspension of the account, the opening of a follow-up case and the issuance of an invoice. The account can only be reactivated after the payment of the corresponding invoice has been made. It is important to note that these limitations only apply to individual plans and resellers on shared servers. In the case of dedicated servers and VPS, the capacity of the hardware determines the limitations.


21 – Communication with Technical Support, and Payment area.

To contact Peymi.com.ar, it is recommended to use the customer area and open a ticket. This is the most efficient method to receive a response in a reasonable time. Emails and tickets are attended throughout the year, 24 hours a day. It is important to use this communication channel to resolve any questions or problems related to the services offered by Peymi.com.ar.


23 – Migrations

Peymi.com.ar offers free migrations for the first 15 accounts if the previous hosting provider uses cPanel and has the option of making Full Backups available. However, subsequent migrations may incur an additional cost, depending on the time it takes to complete the migration. The technical team will evaluate if there is any additional cost in each case. Migration can take between 3 and 10 business days, depending on time availability. If the previous provider does not use cPanel, it will only be possible to migrate the website, and not the email accounts. In exceptional cases, email accounts may be migrated with an additional fee to be agreed. Migrations are carried out from Monday to Friday, although in some exceptional cases they can be carried out during the weekends prior consultation and agreement between the client and the provider.


24 – Applicable Legislation and Responsibility before resellers

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. All the controversies rsias or litigation derived from this Request will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the Federal Capital, Argentine Republic. This Contract will be governed by the laws of the Argentine Republic. Peymi.com.ar does not have any contractual relationship with the end customer who hires the service from a “reseller” of the service. The conditions and rules set forth herein may be modified by Peymi.com.ar without prior notice, notifying it by the means it deems necessary.